Message from Mayor Liguori

February 13, 2023

Dear Residents,

As you may have heard Governor Hochul, in her recent State of the State message, indicated that she is once again putting forth a plan in her Executive Budget to create 800,000 units of new housing across the state; included in this plan are unprecedented statutory mandates that diminish the powers of local governments with regards to local zoning and building regulations.

We opposed this plan when it was first presented in the Executive Budget last year, and we continue to oppose the usurping of the local community’s power to regulate zoning and building within its jurisdiction. This plan allows those applicants who were denied at the Village level to appeal to a Board in Albany, who could override the local determination. Communities will be held to a growth threshold set by the State which would impose numerical quotas for building new affordable housing units in every locality across the state. The Village of Muttontown, along with all Long Island communities are set to be held to a 3% growth quota.

This program is unprecedented and a radical departure from the home rule powers localities have had for decades. We formally oppose this plan being included as part of the budget process where there will be no opportunity to fully study, debate and consider the effect and ramifications of these rezoning proposals.

We have been in touch with State Senator Jack Martins and Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz who represent the residents of the Village in Albany, they are both working to oppose this plan. I encourage residents to reach out to Governor Hochul’s office regarding this proposal at, We must stand together and protect our home rule and our right to decide what growth and development is right for our Village.

We want to continue to be in touch with all our residents so we encourage everyone to sign up for e-mail and text alerts. Please sign up using the links on the Village website,, click both links in the upper right hand corner to “Sign up for Village News” and “Sign up for Emergency Alerts.”


Dr. James Liguori