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East Norwich Fire Department discussing safety issues with Deputy Mayor Prasad and a Resident.

Fire Departments

East Norwich Fire Company No. 1
900 Oyster Bay Road, East Norwich, NY 11732
Emergency: (516) 742-3300
Non-Emergency: (516) 922-0263

Jericho Fire Department
424 North Broadway, Jericho, NY 11753
Emergency: (516) 931-0898
Non-Emergency: (516) 931-3546

Syosset Fire Department
50 Cold Spring Road, Syosset, NY 11791
Emergency: (516) 921-0000
Non-Emergency: (516) 921-0728


General Inquiry: (800) 490-0025
Report an Outage: (800) 490-0075

Jericho Water District
125 Convent Road, Syosset, NY 11791
(516) 921-8280

National Grid
Gas Emergency: (800) 930-5003

School Districts



Oyster Bay/East Norwich

Locust Valley

Deputy Mayor Prasad, Nassau County Parks and Recreation Butkewicz, Mayor Liguori and Legislator Lafazan.

Community and Government

New York State

Nassau County

Town of Oyster Bay

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Nassau Department of Health

Long Island Railroad (LIRR)

Emergency Numbers

For Life-Threatening Situations
Call 911 immediately

Poison Control
(516) 542-2323

Raccoon Rabies Control
(516) 542-2323

Nassau County Non-Emergency Hotline (to report stranded cars, downed trees and non-life threatening situations)
(800) 315-5153


Syosset Public Library (SPL)

The Syosset Public Library (SPL) is truly a garden of wonders—the gateway to a multitude of exciting materials, programs, and services for people of all ages. There are traditional print items, music and books on CD, and movies in DVD and Blu-Ray formats. In the Library of Things, you’ll find many non-traditional items, including video games and game consoles, wrench and drill bit sets, binoculars, a karaoke machine, a laminator, streaming devices, mobile hotspots, and more.

With an SPL card, you can check out eReaders loaded with popular titles, telescopes for gazing at the night sky, Launchpads (secure learning tablets for children), and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)-inspired maker kits. Or visit more than 30 museums, gardens, and historic sites in Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City through the Museum Pass Program.

An SPL card also provides round-the-clock access to a fast-growing collection of digital materials. You can download a new novel, stream an independent film, practice a new language, look up an article in Consumer Reports, or get business and finance information—all available 24/7. Weekdays after school, children can contact a live, online tutor for help with almost any subject at any grade level, and teens can access Princeton Review ACT and SAT prep materials

When at the library, you’ll find plenty of spots for quiet study or collaboration, and a children’s learning center outfitted with many imaginative toys. And don’t forget to stop at the café to purchase a snack, including coffee, tea, juice, soda, fresh sandwiches, and yogurt. There are also tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and printers to use while in the building. If you wish, you can even send your job to the printer wirelesesly from any location.

The library also offers many on site programs. Stay fit with an exercise class, learn to cook, do a craft, or attend a lecture or concert. If you’re a non-native speaker, register for an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. Bring your children in for craft, storytime, coding, and other programs. And watch for major events, such as Sy-Con, a pop culture convention for fans of all ages, and Bricks Rock, a LEGO fan extravaganza. 

Jericho Public Library

The Jericho Public Library is committed to remain in the forefront of providing excellence in educational, informational, cultural, and recreational enrichment in the service of all members of the community. For more info, click here:

Oyster Bay/East Norwich Library

The Oyster Bay/East Norwich Library serves the residents in the surrounding area. For more information, click here:

Locust Valley Library

The Locust Valley Library serves the residents in the surrounding area. For more information, click here:


Most main roads are State and County Roads. There are a number of private roads where residents are responsible for snow removal services or road repair. Some communities have HOAs (Home Owner Associations) which collect dues in order to maintain services for their private roads.

Click here to download a list of roads in Muttontown and the entity that is responsible for maintenance.

Trash Removal/Licensed Carters

Trash Removal is provided by private companies that the residents arrange. Click here for a list of licensed carters in Muttontown.

Mayor Liguori, his wife Barbara confer with Mike Butkewicz, caretaker of Chelsea Mansion.

Recreational Parks

Check back soon to download a PDF of recreational parks that are located near the Village of Muttontown.

New Resident Information

Welcome to the Incorporated Village of Muttontown. Check back soon to download our New Resident Info PDF that contains information that you and your family will find useful as you settle into your beautiful home.


Nassau County Emergency Weather Information

Emergency Checklist

Click here for the PDF of Nassau County Emergency Checklist.

Animal Control


Information to come in the near future.


Raccoons are protected by law. No one may possess a raccoon without a license, and licenses are not issued for pet wildlife. Hunting or trapping raccoons requires a license. The law allows unlicensed homeowners to destroy raccoons that damage property. However, property owners should try eliminating food and shelter before killing the animal.

Here are some ways to prevent raccoons from becoming a nuisance:

  • Do not leave pet food outside. Feed pets only as much as they will eat at once, and remove all leftovers. If necessary, place pet feeders in an enclosed area such as a porch, garage, or barn.
  • Keep garbage bags in an entry-way or garage, and in a metal can. Run a rubber strap, rope, or soft wire through the lid and attach to the can handles. To make it hard for raccoons to remove lids, hang the can one foot above the ground or use a rack and secure the cans upright.
  • Surround gardens with an electric fence made up of two wires attached to an insulated post: one wire four inches and the other eight inches above the ground. Install the fence before vegetables ripen.
  • Block the openings raccoons are using to get into your attic, porch, or other location. Place a temporary cover when the raccoons leave on their nightly search for food, and make a permanent seal later. To check if the raccoons have really left, sprinkle twigs, grass, or flour in the opening and watch for tracks. Caution: do not permanently seal entrances without first verifying that all animals are out of the den. Especially in the spring, look and listen for animal noises.
  • Nuisance wildlife control persons licensed by New York State can be hired to deal with problem raccoons. Click here for a list of DEC Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs). Note that Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators are private business owners licensed by DEC to handle and remove wildlife issues in and around your home. NWCOs charge a fee for their services. Before hiring, follow the same measures you would when contracting with anyone to work around your home.

Information is from the DEC website.


Deer play vital roles in the natural and cultural environment of New York and are highly valued for their beauty and grace as well as the utilitarian benefits they provide. However, the abundance of deer in many parts of the state is causing increasing problems, particularly in suburban and urban areas. For more info, please click here:

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February 15, 2023 - Message from Mayor Liguori - February 13, 2023 Dear Residents, As you may have heard Governor Hochul, in her recent State of the State message, indicated that she is once again putting forth a plan in her Executive Budget to create 800,000 units of new housing across the state; included in this plan are unprecedented statutory mandates that diminish the […]

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March 2, 2021 - COVID-19 Village Court Information - COVID-19 Village Court Information